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Lead Derby

To build better businesses, organizations and communities, effective leaders must have knowledge and understanding of how to exercise leadership. Lead Derby is a program designed to teach people leadership skills that can be used in all areas of life - business, organizations, church, school and family.

A diverse group of up to 20 people will be selected to participate. Participants must agree to attend all sessions and come with an open mind to learn and grow for the benefit of all participants.

Members of the Derby Chamber of Commerce can send any employee to Lead Derby for a reduced tuition rate of $300 per person. Tuition for all others is $425. Tuition can be paid by a business, organization or individual and includes Your Leadership Edge book and materials.

The Kansas Leadership Center provides curriculum and resources for Lead Derby. Current and past Lead Derby participants have access to KLC classes and conferences at reduced or no cost.

Years of study and research by Kansas Leadership Center faculty has shown leaders of today must possess a number of skills and competencies to be effective at exercising leadership.  These skills are valuable for any relationship, whether it be co-workers, committees, boards, organizations or in the classroom. Lead Derby class members will learn how to:

  • Work effectively with others in order to make progress on an issue, project or goal.
  • Make good decisions by recognizing competing values and different points of view.
  • Deal with conflict by understanding challenges, uncertainty and potential loss.
  • Identify behaviors in others and in yourself that could affect the outcome of a situation.
  • Distinguish the difference between technical and adaptive work.
  • Behave professionally by identifying strengths, vulnerabilities and triggers.
  • Identify the difference between leadership and management.

Leadership Challenge:
All participants will be asked to identify a leadership challenge that is important to them for the purpose of applying their learning to a real issue they'd like to make progress on. Participants will receive more information about how to prepare for the leadership challenge prior to the first session.

Lead Derby class members will be exposed to all areas of the Derby community to gain a better understanding of the challenges that exist and how each individual can make a difference by exercising leadership at any time, any place, anywhere.

For additional information, contact the Derby Chamber of Commerce at (316) 788-3421.

2020 Course Schedule

Course Times: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Class # 1 - Wednesday, February 5
Class # 2 - Wednesday, February 19
Class # 3 - Wednesday, March 4
Class # 4 - Wednesday, March 18
Class # 5 - Wednesday, April 1
Class # 6 - Wednesday, April 22

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